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New Horizons Computer Learning Centers

New Horizons Computer Learning Centers

New Horizons Computer Learning Centers

New Horizons is the #1 independent computer trainer in the US. Their goal is provide quality adult education to its students. The Pongpat Group, a collection of 8 Centres spread across the southeastern US needed someone to head their marketing efforts and bring a bit of character to the IT training industry.


Identity Design, Animation, Video Editing, Web Design


IT & Computer Training

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The Challenge

Create an fun & inviting design system that works across print and digital formats while also adhering to New Horizon’s national brand standards.

Choosing a Motif


Taking up this challenge it became apparent I needed something to center all the various designs around. Speaking with some of my coworkers in the sales department, I noticed that they all had target goals for the number of students they enrolled in our program. While our Career Counselors helped students pick an aim and structure their development around it. Playing with the idea of a target I created a modern tech symbol that would serve as the basis of our identity system moving forward.



Creating a character

New Horizons Character.gif

Question: How do you make fun of your boss and get away with it?


You help him make the intro sequence for his video course.

Around the office our president was known as a very serious guy. It was great for productivity but made him a little hard to approach. He wanted to counteract this by creating a series of short 5-min internal training videos that helped employees with sale tips and methods for engaging new clients. I was asked to create an intro sequence that would help the staff to see our boss in a lighter tone.


Since our President’s videos had seen positive success internally we decide to replicate our success with our students. We created a content marketing campaign called level up, a series of training videos and documents aimed at prospective students.

I created the intro sequence that would introduce each of our instructors.

Email Signatures


Made Custom HTML email signatures for all employees. Adobe After Effects was used to the create animated text reveal effect, then used Adobe Dreamweaver to lay out underlying html structure, taking care to make sure all elements displayed properly across all popular browsers & email clients. Finally, used CodeTwo email signature software to dynamically connect the signature to each employees' contact details in the company's active directory.


Video Tutorials



After Redesign

Review Our company president loved the design but the design was rejected at the national level due to the fact all New Horizons website’s run on the same basic framework.